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Hiding in Plain Sight: Are You Missing Sales in Current Accounts?

The explosion of digital has caused a shift in customer buying expectations. Customers can easily educate themselves about products, suppliers, and competitive pricing with access to more information than ever before.   

Many businesses struggle to grow revenue and increase wallet share because of ineffective strategies to penetrate their existing accounts. With the acquisition cost for a new customer at 5x more than an existing customer, and existing customers spending 31% more on average, it’s essential that businesses empower sales with the ability to make personalized, relevant product recommendations to their current customers.

If you’ve invested in sales tools (like PROS Smart CPQ) – then you’ve already taken proactive steps in the right direction. Join us to learn how leveraging AI-based opportunity identification sales optimization tools, such as Opportunity Detection, can complement these efforts by:

  • Using AI to drive actionable insights about the purchasing behavior of your existing customers
  • Identifying inconsistent purchasing patterns and growth opportunities 
  • Finding likely areas for product and price improvement
  • Uncovering declining purchase patterns that allow sales to focus on retaining business and consistency across all sales channels 

About the Speakers

Banke Awofeso, Senior Product Product Marketing, PROS, Inc. 

Experienced technology professional motivated by the challenges and opportunities of product development. I have extensive experience managing various technology products (hardware, software and digital.) My experience has been both strategic and tactical ranging from defining product strategy and positioning, to defining business cases, to requirements gathering and feature definition, to go to market and new product launch. Innovative problem solver able to apply unique business solutions to the most complex situations. 

Ruth Rodriguez, Product Manager, PROS, Inc. 

20 years experience in information systems and product management. Most recently, Ruth has driven the product innovation and market adoption of sales effectiveness solutions and analytics tools for CRM products, including the development of tools that use data mining, machine learning algorithms and data lake. She has extensive experience in leadership, product and project management, business process management and execution of information systems. Ruth possess strong communication and management skills and have proven my ability to manage multiple accounts and implementation projects simultaneously. Her focus is on providing the highest level of customer service, positive client relationships and effective employee management.

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