Can AI Help Us Build a More Resilient Economy in the Face of COVID-19?

Michael Wu,

Last week, President Trump addressed the nation on the coronavirus pandemic. Countries around the world have been taking aggressive measures to stop its spread. Closing borders, emergency funding programs, and city and countrywide mandated quarantines are just a few of the actions taken to help combat this invisible enemy.

The disruption caused by this pandemic is being felt by many. Various industries are on the verge of shutting down simply because people can no longer do their work. This is because so much of our work still relies on physical, human interaction, which exacerbates the spread of COVID-19. Separating the healthy from the ill has also posed challenges, as people can be infectious without any visible symptoms.

Since the strength of our economy hinges tightly on our ability to continue doing our work and being productive despite the circumstances, the effect of this pandemic on our economy is paramount. This is reflected in the downward spiral trend of our financial market over the past few weeks.
Digital Transformation: The First Step Towards a More Resilient Workforce

I am fortunate to work in the hi-tech software industry. I can already work virtually and remain productive when I need to. Although software companies across the country are instituting work from home policies, part of my work is still disrupted. Many of the conferences that I would be keynoting have either been postponed, canceled or turned virtual.

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