SalesTechStar Interview with Loretta Faluade, Solution Strategy Director at PROS

Paroma Sen,

There is still a lot of disruption in store for marketing and sales and even eCommerce brands, as trends change and business practices evolve; Loretta Faluade, Solution Strategy Director at PROS joins us in this chat to explore a few of these upcoming changes:

Hi Loretta, welcome to SalesTechStar! Tell us about your journey through the years…take us through your role at PROS?
I joined PROS about four and a half years ago from a Semiconductor company. It was so interesting to see how a software business like PROS compared to a hardware company. The fundamentals of business processes, strategy, and business developments were similar with the main difference being the execution tactics used to achieve the necessary results. I started at PROS as a Sr Product Manager for our Smart CPQ solution. This was a great fit for me as CPQ solutions are used primarily by sales teams and I had spent four years of my life in a direct sales role. From there, I transitioned to overseeing our entire suite of selling solutions before moving into my current role as a Solution Strategy Director. Now, I see myself as a source between the market and what our customers face, and help align our internal organizations (marketing, sales, development, product management, etc) with a strategy that helps us to create and sell valuable solutions for our customers.

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