CognitiveScale helps enterprises win with industry optimized AI software for financial services, healthcare and commerce that transforms user engagement and amplifies process.

Partner since 2017

CognitiveScale builds augmented intelligence software for financial services, healthcare, and commerce markets. Built on its open and extensible Cortex OS, the company’s AI products, ENGAGE and AMPLIFY, help large enterprises increase user engagement, improve decision-making, and deliver self-learning and self-assuring business processes.

PROS has partnered with CognitiveScale to leverage cognitive cloud technologies to enhance the value of PROS solutions across its portfolio. CognitiveScale will augment PROS rich data and science with AI software inputs to help end users with highly personalized, intelligent, contextual and evidence-based insights and recommendations. Designed on CognitiveScale’s open and extensible platform, and populated with knowledge graphs, data sources and trained models, the integrated solution will provide users with the right advice, at the right time with the right device.