About this Partnership

VTEX is the Enterprise Digital Commerce Platform that enables manufacturers and distributors to achieve faster time to market, reach their customers across any channel, and uncover new areas of growth. It is one of the fastest growing eCommerce platforms, world wide.

Together, VTEX and PROS enable manufacturers and distributors to deliver self-service buying experiences for solutions deliver real-time price optimization and configuration capabilities required for digital B2B transactions. As today’s B2B manufactures, brands, and their customers move towards digital and self-serve eCommerce, robust pricing analytics and product configuration are required to simplify complex products and services. Together with PROS, VTEX’s MACH certified (microservices based, APIfirst, cloud-native SaaS, headless) commerce platform delivers enterprise capabilities with a streamlined customer experience designed specifically for B2B. VTEX is built for all the ways buyers and sellers transact.