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AI Optimized Pricing: The Key to Business Growth

This Futurum report addresses the current state of B2B omnichannel commerce and how the power of the PROS Platform helps tackle the main pricing and selling obstacles.

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Selling is a lot more complex these days. Many buyers now make purchasing decisions on the fly, instead of annually. And their expectations are similar to B2C customers who expect buying experiences that are nothing but fast, convenient and personalized. How do you cut through the B2B complexity to drive business growth while providing the experience your customers now demand?

Futurum’s latest research report, How AI Price Optimization Can Play a Significant Role in Both Business Growth and Customer Experience, describes the complexities of the B2B marketplace and what businesses must do to remain competitive.

You’ll learn:

  • The current state of B2B omnichannel commerce
  • The biggest challenges to overcome
  • How smart pricing technology tackles selling obstacles
  • Why Futurum is particularly drawn to the PROS Platform
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