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The New Benchmarks for Pricing Excellence in B2B

In "The New Benchmarks for Pricing Excellence", the PricingBrew Journal research team exposes the innovative practices and capabilities that have raised the bar for B2B pricing. Read the report.

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Pricing is a powerful lever. Moving your prices just a few points in either direction might mean the difference between winning and losing – between competitive advantage and negative margins. With a lever as powerful as pricing, it’s important to evaluate where there is room for improvement and this report is a great place to start. 

PricingBrew’s The New Benchmarks for Pricing Excellence in B2B can help you identify priority areas for improvement. This report helps readers to benchmark their pricing practice through a series of self-assessment questions that cover the vital components of your pricing practice, including:

  • The effectiveness of your segmentation model 
  • The impact of the pricing guidance you’ve delivered to sales
  • The level of sophistication of your pricing governance
  • The readiness of your organization to innovate

Read the benchmark report and take the self-assessment to find your best path to better pricing.

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