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Paul Hohler

Paul Hohler is a Senior Product Manager on Real-Time Dynamic Pricing (RTDP) and Revenue Management (RM) product teams. He has been at PROS close to 8 years working exclusively in product management, and currently is leading the product management effort on RTDP. During his time at PROS, he has worked on a number of innovation topics associated with Dynamic Pricing and Willingness-to-Pay Forecasting and Optimization. These innovation topics have enabled Paul to work closely with the Science and Research team at PROS, bridging the gap between research and product. Paul earned a Ph.D. in theoretical nuclear physics from the University of Maryland, and a B.A. from Washington University in St Louis while majoring in Chemistry, with a concentration in Biochemistry, Physics, and Mathematics. Before joining PROS, he spent 7 years as a Post-doctorial research assistant in the area of theoretical physics.

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