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Collaborative Quoting: Modernizing Sales Interactions Between Businesses and Their Buyers

In today’s dynamic marketplace, businesses face the challenge of harmonizing direct sales and e-commerce to stay competitive. The convergence of these channels is essential for closing deals faster and building customer trust. Enter PROS Collaborative Quoting—a game-changer that empowers your sales teams and enhances the buying experience.

Why Collaborative Quoting?

  1. Unified Experience: Collaborative Quoting bridges the gap between direct sales and e-commerce. It creates consistent, personalized interactions for buyers, sellers, and partners.
  2. Real-Time Accuracy: Seamlessly integrated with PROS Smart CPQ, Collaborative Quoting synchronizes quote changes in real time. Say goodbye to manual updates.
  3. Self-Service Convenience: Customers explore products and make purchases through self-service portals.

Benefits for Your Business:

  • Streamlined Sales Process: Collaborative Quoting simplifies complex technology stacks, allowing your sales teams to focus on what matters—closing deals.
  • Flexible and Consistent: As hybrid selling becomes dominant, our interactive digital website fosters collaboration and customer trust. Modify the end-customer experience effortlessly as your business expands.
  • Branded Portals in a Day: Forget the complexities of creating e-commerce websites. Collaborative Quoting lets you create branded portals quickly, empowering your sales teams and customers.

Unlock growth potential with Collaborative Quoting. Modernize your quoting and selling experience today!