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The Evolution of the Manufacturing B2B Customer Experience

This report by The Manufacturer explores how the industrial buying experience is changing, the impact of these changes and what manufacturers need to do to deliver superior customer experiences.

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Every step in a B2B buyer’s journey (Awareness, Consideration, Purchase, Retention, Advocacy) has been fundamentally transformed due to the rise of e-commerce, digital technologies, customer empowerment over what, where, when, and how purchase decisions are made, and greatly increased competition.

In the face of such an evolution, many sectors have proactively made the appropriate operational changes and are now reaping the benefits.

Manufacturing, however, has been among the slowest to realise what’s happening; with many industrial businesses still relying on traditional relationships based on face-to-face interactions and manual information gathering/reporting.

This Insight Report, which has been researched and produced by The Manufacturer, explores:

  • How the industrial buying experience is changing
  • The impact of these changes
  • What manufacturers need to do to deliver superior customer experiences.

This report provides insight and guidance for trading in an increasingly VUCA (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity) world and is intended to have a shelf-life extending beyond immediate concerns.

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