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Shirelle Francis, Episode 8

NOTE: This episode was recorded on November 10, 2021 and some of the topics discussed may be dated but the context is still relevant. We hope you still enjoy the conversation as much as we did when we recorded it.  

Technology and Culture – Finding success as a Black woman in IT
Shirelle Francis, Manager of Programs at Insight.

What do you need to succeed? Shirelle recounts her uncanny journey to becoming Manager of Programs at Insight. Out of high school and focused on getting her Law degree but her path kept bringing her back to computers. Over time she realized that she enjoyed IT and was good at managing people, time, and resources. This realization led her to leave law school and start working in tech. While working she completed her PMP (Project Management Professional certification) and other certifications which jump started her career. Despite not having a traditional degree (although she is currently pursuing her Bachelors), her certifications, along with her desire to know the business, have allowed her to progress in her career to be a highly successful black woman in the IT industry. 

Highlights from the episode
“be really secure in who you are and what you can deliver … resilience is part of the journey”
“… know the business”
“… get a certification”
“don't be afraid to ask questions because it will lead you into some amazing places”

Where you can find Shirelle
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