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Convincing the C-Suite to Invest in Pricing

Many of us have seen the consequential outcomes of leaving pricing decisions to afterthought or reactive competitive matching: thinned margins, accelerating price erosion, and revenue leakage. Even with convincing evidence for the risks of maintaining the status quo, executives will often look at your business case and weigh those benefits and risks against seemingly more exciting or more concerning areas. Book author Stephan Liozu, PhD and PPS President Kevin Mitchell, show us how to make the case for pricing that aligns to the C-suite’s objectives and compels them to invest.

About the Speakers

Stephan M. Liozu is Chief Value Officer of the Thales Group ( He is also an Adjunct Professor & Research Fellow at the Case Western Research University Weatherhead School of Management. Stephan holds a Ph.D. in Management from Case Western Reserve University (2013), an MS in Innovation Management from Toulouse School of Management (2005), and an MBA in Marketing from Cleveland States University (1991). He is a Certified Pricing Professional (CPP), a Prosci® certified Change Manager, and a Strategyzer certified Business Model Innovation Coach. Over the past few years, Stephan published academic articles in the Journal of Revenue & Pricing Management, Business Horizons, MIT Sloan Management Review, and Industrial Marketing Management. He has also written many articles on strategic pricing issues for the Journal of Professional Pricing. He authored six books, B2G Pricing (2020), Monetizing Data (2018), Value Mindset, (2017), Dollarizing Differentiation Value (2016), The Pricing Journey (2015) and Pricing and Human Capital (2015). He also co-edited four books, Pricing Strategy Implementation – Translating Pricing Strategy into Results (2019), Innovation in Pricing – Contemporary Theories and Best Practices (2012) and The ROI of Pricing (2014), and Pricing and the Salesforce (2015). Stephan sits on the Advisory Board of Professional Pricing Society and LeveragePoint Innovation.

Kevin Mitchell is the President of The Professional Pricing Society (PPS), the worldwide professional organization dedicated to pricing training, education, and networking. He is also the publisher of The Pricing Advisor monthly newsletter and the quarterly Journal of Professional Pricing. Kevin is a frequent speaker at pricing conferences and events in North America and Europe, where he often discusses trends and demographic changes within the pricing discipline.

Before joining PPS in 2007, he worked for 11 years in various Financial Management fields with Colgate-Palmolive and General Electric. He has BA degrees in Economics and English from Duke University and an MBA in Marketing from The William E. Simon Graduate School of Business at the University of Rochester.


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