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Partnering with Sales for Pricing Excellence

The key ingredient to any successful pricing team is a strong partnership with Sales. In this panel session, cross-industry pricing leaders will share their challenges and experiences in working with sales teams to drive improved pricing outcomes. We’ll hear what it took to win influence with Sales, how they help Sales to win more effectively and efficiently, and how they collaborate at scale through the use of technology and AI.

About the Speakers

Nikolas Beutin leads the Pricing & Commercial Strategy Practice at Accenture Strategy in Europe. Prior to his career at Accenture, Beutin led “Customer Practice” at PwC Germany and then across all verticals at PwC Europe. Beutin was also an Executive Partner for Management Consulting at Ernst & Young and CEO/President/Owner of Homburg & Partner — the German Hidden Champion consultancy for Sales & Marketing. He has achieved 50B+ revenue and 20B+ EBITDA growth for his clients in his projects.

Beutin has done consulting in 32+ countries for DJ, EuroSToxx DAX, and MDAX companies as well as for numerous family-owned businesses. Nikolas has taught and teaches Pricing, Sales & Marketing at many different leading universities and has 200+ national and international publications. He is also Professor at the Quadriga University where he is leading the MBA in Leadership & Sales Management. He studied economics and law at the University of Bonn, completed his Ph.D. program at the University of Mannheim after studying at the WHU Koblenz and the Colorado State University. Nikolas is also alumni of the Harvard Business School. Specialties: Strategy, Commercial & Sales Excellence, Pricing Excellence & Implementation, Service Excellence, Innovation and Market Research 

Sarah Huster is the Director of Revenue Management at American Hotel Register Company, the premier supplier in hospitality for more than 150 years providing the broadest selection of quality products for hotels. Over the last 14 years Sarah has led teams in sales operations, contract management and pricing. She leverages this experience to develop pricing strategy that increases operational efficiency and expands profitability. 

A goal-oriented Pricing and Commercial leader, Steven Tselepi is the Head of Commercial Pricing at Winc Australia. Steven has extensive Profit and Revenue Management experience in the highly transformational Private Equity space. He has a consistent track record of success in change management and the roll-out of large-scale Pricing solutions to drive improved commercial outcomes. With a passion for people, Steven invests in mentoring and developing commercial teams to ensure they thrive in today’s hyper-dynamic environment. Steven is a Certified Supply Chain Professional and earned a Bachelor of Commerce in Economics and Supply Chain Management from the University of Wollongong.

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