Pricing Foundations with Craig Zawada

Part One

Part Two

Pricing is a powerful lever. A 1% price increase can drive as much as an 11% profit improvement.

Through this foundations workshop, Craig Zawada will examine the keys to leveraging this powerful lever across all the essential levels:

  • Market level management
  • Customer value perceptions
  • Transactions

You’ll learn about the requirements for pricing infrastructure (people, processes, and tech) that allow for effective price coordination across these various levels in order to dynamically coordinate pricing to changing market needs, changing customer perceptions of values, and the unique conditions of each transaction.

Join this training course to learn:

  • Why a disciplined, defined price strategy is essential.
  • Dynamics to watch out for across the varied levels of price management.
  • Where to find key sources of untapped pricing opportunity.

About the Speaker

Craig Zawada joined PROS in 2010 and serves as its Chief Visionary Officer. Zawada is responsible for creating and articulating the vision for how PROS uses big data and the latest technology to help companies drive incremental sales growth and profit improvement. Zawada also works with new and existing customers to define the implementation path for these solutions to help them outperform in their respective industries.

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