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The Case for Innovation During Disruption

Last year, the talk of the industry centered around airline retailing and innovation to drive the customer experience forward. As the future holds uncertainty and airlines are focused around cost reduction – what's the business case around retailing, dynamic pricing, and innovation?

About the Speaker

Henry Harteveldt is one of the travel industry’s most respected analysts. Harteveldt is President of Atmosphere Research Group, a San Francisco, CA-based independent, objective travel industry strategic market research and advisory firm. Harteveldt started Atmosphere in September 2011, following a nearly 12-year career as Forrester Research’s global head of travel research.

Atmosphere conducts worldwide consumer and industry research and forward-looking guidance on a variety of topics at the intersection of commercial functions and technology, with extensive focus on distribution and digital commerce, ancillary product strategy and retailing, and loyalty marketing. Before becoming an analyst, Harteveldt spent more than 15 years in marketing, product, planning, and distribution roles at firms such as Continental Airlines, Fairmont Hotel Management Company, and GetThere. Harteveldt is regularly quoted in media such as The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and Reuters, and appears on CBS, CNBC, Bloomberg, and CNN. Henry is a graduate of the Tulane University School of Business in New Orleans, LA. Harteveldt regularly shares his industry insights on LinkedIn and Twitter (@hharteveldt).


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