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The Future is Air Cargo

Cargo is now at the forefront of Airline strategy. In this new world, cargo commercial functions require further alignment, integration, and support from real-time decision-making support. PROS Product Manager, Joe Kasenchak, will walk through the benefits of PROS modern cargo RM solution, combining sales quoting, omni-channel shopping, and CRM and loyalty.

About the Speaker

Joe Kasenchak, PROS Senior Manager of Product Management, is a results-driven executive with proven experience leading organizations with innovative strategic planning and the application of technology to complex business issues. Kasenchak has a record of achievement in implementing new ideas, delivering innovative, industry-leading solutions, and enabling change within an organization to support operating and financial objectives. Kasenchak is skilled at analyzing existing operations and implementing the strategies, processes, and technology necessary to drive profitability; equally skilled at the salesmanship necessary to get these changes moving within an organization. Kasenchak prides himself on instilling a culture of continual improvement via scorecards and performance metrics and fostering an environment where the testing of hypothesis and ideas is encouraged as a means for moving the organization forward. Specialties: Strategic Planning, Pricing, Yield Management, Revenue Management, Change Management, Marketing, Sales, Brand Development, Process Improvement, Capacity Planning, Inventory Management, Project Management, Training, Mentoring, Team-building.

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