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How PROS helps OnTrac Outperform

Join CRM Playaz and OnTrac's Yining Zhang- Director, Customer Pricing to discuss how PROS helps OnTrac outperform. Watch these videos to learn more about OnTrac's business and their partnership with PROS.

How difficult was it doing your job in the midst of COVID?

With the understanding that you've worked with Amazon for many years, where do you even begin to price a massive institution such as Amazon?

Do you charge Amazon a fixed price or is your pricing different per locality?

Is there a reward or penalty if you beat or miss the prime delivery guidelines?

How does PROS help you price your transportation and logistics services, and how long have you been using the software?

Are you surprised by the notion of the first quote typically winning the deal?

Do you have a strategy or rules in place to prevent a competitor from undercutting your price?

Could you imagine going back to the systems you were using prior to PROS?

How is OnTrac's relationship with PROS?

What will your relationship with PROS look like a year from now?

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