14 Important Protocols to Help Employees Safeguard Your Digital Property

Expert Panel, Forbes Technology Council,

In the modern world, one of the most important assets a company has is its digital property. This is especially true for technology firms—proprietary software and systems are often the lifeblood of these companies, and having them fall into the wrong hands is potentially disastrous.

While you may have dedicated IT and security personnel, the tech team is not the only department responsible for safeguarding the organization’s digital property. Instead, the whole staff should be involved in protecting these valuable assets.

Below, 14 members of Forbes Technology Council share some protocols they have their employees follow to keep their digital property safe.

1. Tight Physical Security

We invest a lot of time, resources and money in cybersecurity, but we also stay extremely vigilant with respect to physical security. No one can move around the building without their ID tag visible. It’s too easy for attackers to social-engineer their way into a building and with physical access to devices—even printers—all bets are off. – Geoff Webb, PROS

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