15 Effective Uses of Virtual Reality for Businesses and Consumers

Forbes Technology Council ,

Virtual reality has burst onto the stage, and because of how well-supported it has become as a hardware solution, its practical applications—from enterprise training to video games—are expanding.

VR is a powerful tool for a multitude of industries and even consumers. But what’s its most impressive application thus far? But what’s its most impressive application thus far? Below, 15 members of Forbes Technology Council share their thoughts.

7. Visualizing Complex Product Configurations

I’ve seen VR and/or mixed reality used in industrial settings to help visualize complex configurations of manufactured items in real space. Business-to-business organizations that sell big, complex products need to be able to ensure the configuration meets customer needs and to help get to the right configuration quickly and easily to remove friction in the sales process. It’s all about digitally transforming the sales process. – Geoff Webb, PROS

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