16 Tech Upgrades Businesses Need to Make For a Post-COVID World

Forbes Technology Council,

The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the need to update and fix some of our current tech systems, including remote work models. In companies that were unprepared for the sudden transition to a distributed workforce, leadership teams are now fully engaged in planning some much-needed technology changes and upgrades, including embracing the capabilities of the cloud, artificial intelligence and machine learning.

While nearly every business will have to make some technology adjustments for the post-pandemic world, certain changes will be more widespread than others. We asked the members of Forbes Technology Council what urgent tech needs the current crisis has highlighted for many businesses. Below, they share some changes that they believe most companies will need to address.

12. Embrace E-Commerce Now

The current crisis has made it clear that moving to a digital-first model is a necessity. Move your customer engagement and sales to embrace e-commerce, and fast. A lot of business has already moved to digital selling by necessity, so the faster you get there, the more business you will capture. Simply put, the move to digital buying is one that’s likely to stick. – Geoff Webb, PROS

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