Debunking the Top 3 Misconceptions Around B2B Ecommerce

Valerie Howard,

By focusing on reducing friction in the customer’s buying process, increasing transparency in pricing, and better anticipating customer needs, B2B sellers can enhance and expand customer relationships through ecommerce, writes Valerie Howard of PROS.

COVID-19 has disrupted the way businesses operate. Those that hadn’t already prioritized ecommerce are falling behind and looking to digitize their sales process for the first time. Thanks to the pandemic, many businesses are shifting to make purchases through self-serve digital channels—a strong indicator of how B2B buyers want to interact with sellers. So why is it that many conventional B2B companies remain paralyzed when it comes to their digital transformation?

Customers should be a business’s number one priority. When businesses hesitate to meet customers where they are on digital purchasing channels, buyers are quick to shift wallet share to competitors who have recognized the urgency to connect digitally.

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