From Oklahoma to the Land Down Under

BWA Buzz,

I grew up in Ramone, a small town in Oklahoma, with a population of 543. There are no stop lights and the town is full of cowboys, ranchers and farmers. My father was a chemical engineer by day, soybean farmer and anhus beef rancher by weekend and night. To this day I have no idea how he had time but watching him instilled the values of determination and integrity within me.

Graduating in 2011, I began my search for organizations that specialised in my university majors, eventually finding a match in a company called PROS. Headquartered in Houston, PROS was attractive due as a leader in technology. PROS assists businesses to digitally transform pricing and selling processes, integrating the power of artificial intelligence (AI) into the whole end-to-end sales process. When I joined, I was amazed at employee’s knowledge, diversity, and willingness to help others. It opened my mind to endless opportnities.

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