How 6 Martech Companies Are Handling Operations during COVID-19

Dom Nicastro,

The whole world has seemingly had to make pivots due to COVID-19. And that goes for marketing technology companies, as well.

We’ve caught up with some martech companies to see if they adapted their product roadmaps and offerings due to COVID-19 and how they’re coping generally with the world health pandemic.

PROS: Moving to Digital at ‘Warp Speed’
Geoff Webb, VP of strategy at Houston-based PROS, a digital commerce solution, said the COVID-19 outbreak has, like many others, caused uncertainty among customers and concern among employees. It’s accustomed to turning to business continuity and employee-centered practices since hurricanes already tend to focus the mind on those subjects. “That means when the time came we could very quickly move our teams to home-based operations with no measurable disruption, and with an established communications plan in place,” Webb said. “The result is that when your employees are able to pick up their jobs easily, with the tools in place to support them, and with the obvious and clearly-communicated support of the business leadership, they can actually focus on our customers, which is the ultimate objective. Simply put — we spend time and effort to look after our teams so they can focus on looking after our customers.”

As for the product, PROS was already moving to digital — selling, fulfillment, support, and so on — but now it’s moving to digital at “warp speed.” “Any business that was thinking about embracing digital commerce needs to look at their plan and replace ‘years’ with ‘months’ for implementation,” he said. “That means the type of product, the way it’s priced and packaged, and how it’s delivered and implemented, all are going to have to be redefined and reevaluated.”

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