How Digital Transformation and AI Can Help Businesses Navigate Volatility

Will Lovatt,

The world is currently an extremely volatile place. Brexit, COVID-19 and civil unrest continue to change the landscape in which businesses find themselves in, navigating through the ups and downs, taking stock of the impact both in the immediate and long term. The truth is, the road ahead is going to be bumpy, with many obstacles still to be faced, and even more so for traditional human-to-human industries like manufacturing and B2B sales. Over the last few years, buyers have steadily been shifting purchasing from traditional face-to-face sales representatives to self-service through digital channels, transforming the sales function. With limits on meeting customers in-person, and complexities associated with tariffs and trade, digital selling technology powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) is crucial.

The recent pandemic has drastically accelerated eCommerce and digital transformation, highlighting the importance for business agility. Digital transformation plans must focus on customer-facing initiatives underpinned by digital selling and eCommerce channels – or else businesses risk losing out to their competitors.

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