Romancing The New B2B Buyer: How Digital Business Changes The Relationship Rules

Geoff Webb,

When the story of digital transformation is finally told, will it read like a tragedy for all those companies who fell by the wayside? Will it be a comedy — a wild ride of mistaken identities and misunderstandings as technology vendors and bemused business leaders stumble from one hyped tech to the next in confused chaos? Worse, will it be a dark drama of lies and half-truths worthy of an episode of Game of Thrones?

Let’s hope not.

Instead, I’d like to think it ends up more like a romance, maybe with a smattering of comedy thrown in here and there: Company meets Customer. Company takes Customer for granted. Customer gets enticed away by superior buying experiences elsewhere. Company falls into despair, figures out it can’t live without Customer, cleans up its act, wins back Customer, and everyone lives happily ever after. Roll credits.

Well, maybe.

Any transformation project should be centered around a single idea — it should make the company a better company with which to do business.

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