This Just Got Personal: 3 Strategies for Offering a Tailored Digital Selling Experience

Loretta Faluade,

As businesses wade deeper into 2021, organizations are still struggling to shift to e-commerce and fully replace in-person transactions. While the cost and time it takes to implement new solutions may be daunting, customers now expect a personalized, exceptional buying experience, every single time. The pressure to deliver effective offers on digital channels is mounting, and e-commerce isn’t going anywhere. In fact, 62% of companies reported an increase in e-commerce sales of at least 25% last year, including 12% that increased sales by more than 75%. With growing customer expectations, B2Bs should consider these tips to adapt to the digital market:

Create a dependable buying experience to gain buyer trust
Fearing their customers will look elsewhere, many organizations have been hesitant to fully commit to a digital selling platform. At the beginning of COVID, PROS found only 1/3 of buyers stated that most of their vendors were well-prepared and had already enabled digital channels.

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