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Best-in-class SEM technology includes


AI powered, efficiency-improving bidding strategies for paid search advertisements.

airWire Search®

API of dynamic fares placed in search and dynamic retargeting ad copy.


Airline-specific automated portfolio bidding.


Easily build, save, and schedule an unlimited number of promotions.


Automatic targeted SEM campaigns tailored for every market and language.

Get visibility on SEM performance with real-time dashboards

Automated daily updates and accessible at any time via Tableau.

All-in-one dashboard that summarizes paid search performance

The airSEM Report contains various tabs that facilitate the monitoring of KPIs in different time periods. Users can identify trends by looking at the performance on specific dates or by day, week, month, or year. Additional insights can be gathered by exploring KPI behaviors by market, campaign type, route, device, search engine, and language.

Compare impression share with competitors

This dashboard compares your impression share with that of other advertisers who are bidding on the same keywords and, therefore, participating in the same auctions. By tracking the competition by campaign type and market, you can make strategic decisions about bidding and budgeting.

Track paid search performance alongside your KPI targets

The comparison of the actual versus target performance informs the optimizations on paid search activity throughout the month. Depending on how far below or above the target are versus the actual KPIs, you can take immediate actions to adhere to the monthly investment targets and maximize performance.

Centralized real-time performance based on search behavior

This dashboard facilitates route-based data-driven decision-making by combining data from the airline’s IBE and paid search. Routes that need attention are automatically highlighted, enabling you to know which routes to push, reduce, or keep. Routes can be segmented by origin, destination, flight type, market, and language.

Compare ad performance with and without Dynamic Price Insertion (DPI)

This dashboard allows you to filter by account, device, campaign type, market, language, and various ad attributes. Users are able to identify where the airDPI technology works best and where DPI ads can be further pushed or optimized.

Get reports on promotional-related ad performance

Filtering by account, device, campaign type, market, language, and various ad attributes, allows users to determine the impact of promotions and gather actionable insights on which ones are the most effective in driving conversions and revenue.

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Increasing SEM campaign revenue by more than 6x in 60 days

Increasing search ad click-through rate by displaying real-time prices

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