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Increasing Search Ad Click-Through Rate, Conversion, and Revenue by Displaying Real-Time Fares

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Founded in 1947, Copa Airlines flies to over 80 destinations in 33 countries in the Americas. The Panamanian airline wanted to increase the click-through rate (CTR) and conversion rate of their Search Engine Marketing (SEM) campaigns for paid search in their domestic and international markets.

By deploying PROS's airWire®, airTRFX®, and airSEM®, the airline was able to display real-time fares in their paid search ads and on landing pages. This increased the relevance of the ads to the landing pages and improved the quality score. As a result, the position of their ads on the Google search results page increased, and they saw improved click-through rates, conversion rates, overall revenue, and revenue per visit while at the same time reducing their cost-per-click.


Copa Airlines was using paid search ads but was not reaching their SEM goals due to their ads' low-quality scores and low average position. They decided to launch airTRFX, airSEM, and airWire to leverage real-time fares across their paid search campaigns and drive traffic to conversion-oriented landing pages.

airTRFX landing pages with real-time fares were launched for the airline's entire route network. These pages are ideal to use in SEM campaigns because they can be customized to suit any campaign and make it easy for users to complete their booking. Ads that linked to airTRFX pages were generated using airSEM, which also optimizes ad bidding and performance. To place real-time fare information directly in the ad copy, they used airWire, which can place real-time fare APIs on any digital marketing channel.

Because the airWire fares in the ads were identical to the fares on the airTRFX landing pages, Copa was able to increase ad relevancy and quality score. The improved score caused the ads' average position on Google to be higher, as well as optimized performance using airSEM, leading to a higher CTR. Once on the landing page, users could filter through real-time fares and instantly complete their booking.


The campaign experienced success by having high relevance between paid search ads and the fares on airTRFX landing pages. This increase in ad relevance led to a higher average ad position on Google and an improved Quality Score.

This positive change in average position resulted in Copa's paid search ads experiencing an uplift in click-through rates, conversion rates, overall revenue, and revenue per visit while at the same time reducing their cost-per-click.

Copa Airlines paid search ad screenshot

One of Copa Airlines’ paid search ads with real-time fare powered by airWire.

“Since launching airSEM we have seen at 216% increase in Revenue, 36% decrease in Cost of Sale, and 56% increase in ROI.”

- Yiselle Cabezas, Marketing Manager, Copa Airlines

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