Real-Time Partner Availability

RTPA is the right Airlines Real-Time Dynamic Pricing add-on to maximize your partner networks and become a true retailer.

Powering a lighting quick, always accurate conduit to partner availability and pricing.

Your carrier’s reach can now extend to the fringes of where your codeshare or joint venture partners fly. But that expansion comes with new demands to deliver accurate availability and the perfect price for every seat on every flight.

Is it possible to bridge the gap of separate systems and simplify complex interline itineraries?

Can carriers trying to capitalize on partnerships mitigate poor customer experiences and lost revenue while maintaining scalability and offer control?

The simple answer is yes, based on some of the world’s most advanced science.

RTPA hands marketing airlines real-time pricing and availability while delivering offer control to operating carriers with:
  • Real-time Evaluation –  Real-time access to operating airline’s inventory across all channels using the latest technical standards.
  • Clear Responsibility Delegation  – Seamless data sharing between operating and marketing airline while considering business strategies and rules.
  • Revenue Boost – Accurate availability to sell more empty seats, driving revenue and benefitting the partnership.

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