PROS Airline Offer Creation and Retailing

Take back control of your offers in weeks

Deliver fast and accurate offers across all digital and NDC channels.​
Increase conversion, offload your PSS and reduce distribution costs.

Are you struggling with slow search results and inaccurate prices? Rising look-to-book ratios and no offer control across channels?

Say hello to airline-led offer creation!

  • Deliver bookable offers. Every time.
  • Improve shopping speed and choice for customers.
  • Power any channel – dotcom, mobile, NDC, and more.
  • Reduce costly shopping and distribution fees.

SOLUTION | Value Drivers

Create, manage and distribute compelling offers.
No PSS or GDS strings attached.

Increase conversion

Present fast, accurate, bookable offers and never miss a booking

Offload your PSS

Handle billions of shopping requests at lower cost. No excessive PSS transaction fees

Liberate your distribution

Tailor offers for each distribution channel. No content or quality compromise, no extra cost

Power any sales channel

Deliver optimized offers across airline digital and NDC channels

Grow ancillary revenue

Launch robust merchandising techniques to increase customer ancillary spend

Simplify offer creation

Adopt a single offer platform for Pricing, eCommerce, Distribution and Ancillary teams

SOLUTION | Overview

PROS Offer Creation and Retailing at a glance

Quick implementation in weeks

Top performance regardless of channel

Offer distribution at scale

Full flexibility in offer creation: fares, brands, ancillaries

Proven integration with any PSS

Used by big and small airlines worldwide

Fully industry compliant (ATPCO, IATA)

Dynamic pricing ready today

Standalone merchandising and ancillary catalog

OUTCOMES | PROS Customers Experience

Up to


Lower distribution cost


Offer bookability


Shopping transactions a year


Quadrillion offers a year

CUSTOMERS | Outperforming with PROS

Follow in the footsteps of leading airlines on the path to NDC, Offers and Orders

Gain retail and distribution freedom with airline-led offer creation. Deliver faster airfare shopping and accurate last-seat availability. Grow direct bookings and ancillary sales. Retail how, when and where your want.

airBaltic delivers airline-led offer creation across web channel and interline partners

Lufthansa Group enhances retailing through direct offer distribution to metasearch using continuous pricing

Major Middle East carrier takes control of offer creation to speed up retail transformation toward Offer & Orders

SOLUTION | Bring Offer Optimization to Life

Investing in offer optimization but wondering how to get it to market?

Bring offer optimization to life by delivering your dynamic offers across airline digital and NDC channels. Leverage AI to create dynamic, revenue-optimal offers based on customer data, willingness-to-pay and shopping context.

Integrate PROS Offer Creation and Retailing to get these dynamic offers to the market. Price, distribute and present them for any storefront: the booking engine, metasearch engines, online travel agencies, and more. Deliver dynamic offers that are order-ready today, and legacy-compatible for as long as needed.​


Shopping request

Data and context

Order-ready offer

Legacy compatible

Dynamic offer

PRODUCTS | Overview

Transition to airline-led retailing today

To become better retailers and differentiate their brand, airlines need full offer control. Only when you own retail and distribution across all channels of sale, can you realize the revenue potential of end-to-end offer optimization.

PROS Airline Shopping

Power digital direct and NDC channels​

  • Manage fully PSS agnostic and GDS independent offer creation engine
  • Deliver top performance and highest offer accuracy regardless of channel
  • Get dynamic-pricing ready with full industry compliance

PROS Airline Merchandising​

Increase ancillary sales and revenue​

  • Manage a standalone catalog of ancillary products and services​
  • Leverage flexible techniques for ancillary bundling
  • Optimize ancillary offer pricing using AI to boost conversion

PROS Airline Digital Retail​

Deliver a seamless digital experience to customers​

  • Offer a variety of shopping and booking flows​
  • Optimize the user experience with a persistent shopping cart ​
  • Enable retail-like modifications post-booking: seats, ancillaries, and more

PROS Dynamic Ancillary Pricing

Drive Ancillary Revenue with AI-Driven Pricing

  • Leverage AI to tailor ancillary pricing to different customer segments
  • Eliminate pricing errors that lead to suboptimal ancillary revenue generation
  •  Automate complex pricing rules, reduce manual work, and increase productivity

Harness the power of real-time availability and dynamic pricing

Reduce inventory spoilage and apply channel strategies in real-time to convert customers and protect revenue

  • Eliminate sell discrepancies and prevent revenue dilution
  • Collaborate real-time availability with interline and codeshare partners
  • Launch continuous pricing to capture hidden revenue and speed up class-free dynamic pricing adoption

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