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The European edition of our RevGen Insight Summit will bring together senior sales and revenue business leaders from across the continent and beyond to discuss current industry challenges and how best to tackle them.

Key themes under discussion include: the need to transform sales and marketing in the buyer’s economy, nurturing a positive sales culture to drive productivity, governing the borders between sales and marketing to align priorities, defining the value of sales enablement for your organisation, harnessing the power of AI/ML and deriving meaning from your metrics to translate success.

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Join PROS at RevGen Insight Summit

Join PROS at the virtual RevGen Insight Summit this June and stay tuned to this page for details on our sponsored activities. Want to schedule a 1:1 meeting with a PROS expert attending the event? Simply email us at

Will Lovatt headshot
Will Lovatt

General Manager Sales, EMEA

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Nick Boyer

Director, Strategic Consulting