“The financial analysis found benefits of $10.30M
over 3 years versus costs of $2.06M, adding up to
an NPV of $8.24M and an ROI of 400%”

Forrester Consulting study commissioned by PROS, May 2023.
Results are for a composite organization representative of interviewed customers.

PROS is the only independent software solution to be named a Leader in CPQ by both Gartner and Forrester as well as a Leader in Price Optimization and Management by IDC, due to our clear vision for the PROS Platform, as well as our deep and broad product capabilities.

In particular, PROS solutions were recognized for our fast and intuitive user interface, superior product catalog, AI-driven guided selling capabilities, and comprehensive support for deal negotiation. Read the latest research from industry analysts to learn more about PROS technology and why we’re leading the pack.


400% ROI over three years with a payback period of less than 9 months for the composite organization.


Incremental revenue increase of 3 percentage points worth $2.8 million to the composite organization.


Profit margin increase of 0.75 percentage points worth $7.2 million to the composite organization.