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Emirates and PROS Develop RM Team Training Program

A high-performing RM team is crucial for the operations of an airline, especially one steering a global network in the new reality. At PROS, our people work hard to create user-friendly solutions in the RM space. In fact, there are several capabilities within the PROS Revenue Management solution that enable airlines to successfully manage their networks, capacity, and availability. Our airline customers are currently using these unique capabilities to navigate RM best practices and policies. Let’s take a moment to focus on the people who make this possible and how they get there.

Emirates, the flag carrier airline of the UAE and one of the largest international airlines, is collaborating with PROS as part of an industry-first initiative on a training program for all Emirates Revenue Optimization (RO) professionals to sharpen their skills and competencies to perform their roles effectively and ensure they are up-to-date with best practices, tools, and processes.

Upon completion of each of the three levels of the program, each analyst will receive a certificate that recognizes fulfilment of that level. This is priceless in terms of expertise recognition, personal growth and adds a sense of pride in day-to-day work, which is a key takeaway from the training program.

In a challenging business environment, Emirates is continuously developing tools and processes to be able to efficiently handle the changing market dynamics and analyze large volumes and new sources of data. Continuous training combined with certification ensures that team members maintain robust knowledge to successfully fulfill their role requirements as the Emirates network gradually and sustainably rebuilds its network to pre-pandemic levels. In addition, the program helps to recognize, retain, and attract the best RO talent. 

This program will be offered to all current and new RO staff.  It will focus on the three core functions of Revenue Optimization: Pricing, Demand, and Inventory. All technical courses and assessment questions have been developed with the support of the PROS team, and general concepts include system comprehension, understanding and interpretation of reports, and commercial acumen. Emirates expects that the training will improve the day-to-day roles of the participants by closing skill gaps, applying best practices consistently, and having the team’s effort and experience recognized.

Throughout the process of developing this training program, the involved counterparts shared experiences, evaluated real life business cases, and discussed enhancements of the user workflow on PROS front-end. Mutual learnings were achieved from in-depth analysis of each role requirement, which deepened the cooperation between Emirates and PROS in their common endeavor to be an innovator and a leader in Revenue Management within the travel industry.

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