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Announcing New Features from the PROS Platform Fall 2022 Release

We are excited to share the latest updates to the PROS Platform – all designed to improve your user experience, provide greater self-service, and offer more extensibility across the platform.

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Easily Extend and Integrate with the PROS Platform Using

To support rich commerce experiences that meet our customer’s digital goals, we have launched a new developer portal, Here you’ll find what you need to extend and integrate with the PROS Platform using PROS APIs. PROS APIs give customers and partners access to PROS capabilities to integrate with and embed PROS data, insights, and components within enterprise applications, decreasing development time and accelerating time to market.

Check out the portal to learn more about PROS Platform APIs, view example use cases, and explore how to get started using the PROS APIs. The portal includes the most current REST APIs and is continually expanding to include more extensibility tools. In addition, you can access other tools not yet available in the portal including additional APIs, connectors, and extension templates by visiting PROS Connect.

View this video to learn more about

Drive Efficiency and Greater ROI with Platform Analytics

To increase your visibility and enhance self-service, user adoption, and efficiency across the PROS Platform, we will soon be launching Platform Analytics. PROS Platform administrators will be able to view and better understand overall product usage, trends, and adoption levels and view key metrics across the Platform including:

  • Usage Metrics – View trends and key usage metrics at-a-glance. For instance, you can see usage of the PROS Pricing Evaluation API including the number of evaluations per day, per calendar month, peak traffic per minute, batch size, and guidance calls each evaluation makes.
  • Platform User Actions – Gain insights into the actions users take on key objects within the system to understand system status and make any corrective actions if needed.
  • Record Utilization – Quickly view current record utilization and key trends to better understand system impact.

With a better understanding of how the PROS Platform is being used in your business, you’ll be able to drive system efficiency, adoption, and faster ROI.

Current PROS customers interested in learning more or want to take advantage of the Platform Analytics capabilities, please contact your PROS Customer Success Manager.

Check out this video to learn more about Platform Analytics.

Optimizing the User Experience Across the PROS Platform

Several new and exciting enhancements across the PROS Platform to improve your user experience and ease of use, especially for pricing managers.

Check out what we’ve added in PROS Smart Price Optimization and Management. Now you can:

  • Filter in the Price Level Column in the Master Price List and Approvals Pages
  • Easily Search for Charts on the Insights Landing Page
  • Drag and Drop Charts on the Insights Landing Page and other folders
  • Sort (Ascending and Descending) in a Pivot Table by Right Clicking the Column Header
  • Create Wider Pivot Tables (to 600 px or 82 characters)
  • View Folder Icons on the Insights Landing Page

Take a look at this video to learn more about the latest User Experience enhancements.

What’s Next?

We thrive on driving continuous innovations that help you outperform and achieve profitable growth. We’ll have more exciting new features coming in our Winter Platform release that focus on self-service, time to value, and science innovations, so be sure to check back then.

For further detail on the latest PROS Platform release, view the specific product highlights and release notes here.

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