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Mastering Modern Pricing: Unveiling the Five Key Components for Business Success

The past decade witnessed a significant shift in corporate strategies, with most companies transitioning from a primary focus on cost reduction to the establishment of a dedicated pricing function. Today, these companies have dedicated teams, streamlined processes, and, in many cases, sophisticated systems aimed at enhancing their pricing strategies. As diligent executives navigate this evolving landscape, what key components should they ensure are in place to guarantee alignment with their business objectives?

Discover the essential elements in this thought leadership webinar, where we delve into the five crucial components. Learn how leading companies are leveraging these components to effectively meet and exceed their business objectives.


Hamish Taylor - Moderator, Former CEO of Sainsburys Bank and Eurostar Group
Nick Boyer - Senior Director, Strategic Consulting – PROS EMEA
Henk Höllmann - Head of Product - Pricing Platform, Zalando SE

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