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Leverage CPQ to Transform Sales for High-Tech

Companies are in dire need of leveraging CPQ to transform their sales process and capabilities, quickly and efficiently. Jean-Claude Viollier, Executive Vice President and Tech Unit leader, will share industry trends and implications and Bill Donlan, Executive Vice President, for the Digital Customer Experience practice at Capgemini, will discuss the best practices involved in how to start a CPQ implementation, specifically for high-tech organizations that are selling complex B2B offerings. He will do this by sharing insights into the following, showcasing client CPQ examples:

  • Enabling personalization through both pricing and product simplification.
  • Diminishing Industry Margins and how a high degree of customization and low production units reduces sales margins.
  • Decreasing the high cost of selling caused by process disruptions between different departments/systems.
  • Digitizing the Opportunity-to-Order process end to end.

About the Speakers

Bill Donlan is Executive Vice President, DCX, and Salesforce Service Line Leader at Capgemini.

Bill has more than 26 years of experience helping companies improve customer and value chain relationships through a combination of business and sales strategy, process tuning, industry best practices, and technology integration. He is experienced with all of the leading software vendors in the CRM and CPQ space as well as several of the mid-market packaged solutions.

Jean-Claude Viollier is an Executive Vice President with Capgemini. Currently, Jean-Claude is the Head of the Tech Unit for North America tasked with delivering transformation programs to tech clients. Under his vision, Capgemini helps its clients build a more agile enterprise to realize sustainable, profitable growth and tackle their toughest industry challenges.

His previous positions within Capgemini included Chief Sales & Portfolio Officer for North America, Head of AppsOne Global Sales Office, Global Head of Channels and Partners, the leader of Capgemini’s High Technology & Manufacturing Sector Practice in North America Business Unit, as well as the Global Account Executive for Hewlett Packard (HP). He also managed High-Tech Manufacturing accounts for Capgemini in Europe from 1995 to 2000 before moving to the US in August 2000.

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