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OTAs, Digital Marketplaces, eCommerce Platforms

Should airlines become OTAs? Should they become digital companies? Should they be investing even more in digital and UX? If the answer is yes, then how should they do it? In this session, Iztok Franko from Diggintravel will present key insights, data, and examples from his 3 years of digital research and more than 100 surveyed airlines.

About the Speakers

Iztok Franko is responsible for increasing web sales by applying smart, data-driven eCommerce and digital marketing. He specializes in airline booking funnel conversion optimization and advanced analytics.
He works with:

  • Airlines looking to improve their website conversion rate and average order value (ancillary revenue)
  • Airline agencies & partners by adding to their expertise (conversion optimization, advanced web analytics) they can offer their clients
  • Airline B2B providers who want to reach the airline audience (ecommerce, digital, ancillary pros) via Diggintravel content platform

Mike Slone is VP & Principal of Travel Retail at PROS, after the acquisition of Travelaer SAS during August of 2019.

Mike has been working in the digital space for 20+ years and has a deep passion for human-centered design, experience research, and innovation in the travel industry.

When Mike is not helping airlines improve their Customer experience, he is busy traveling the world with his family, trying to become a better oil painter, and seeking to capture the northern lights in a photograph (30 trips to Iceland with no aurora photos). On the few days when he is not traveling, he is home practicing his French so that his kids and locals alike will stop giving him such a hard time.


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