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The Best Kept Secret for Profitable Growth in the Food & Consumables Industry

The PROS Platform is the Food Industries best kept secret for profitable growth. Learn how to address both sides of the margin equation, cost and price, to deliver a better customer experience.

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Food manufacturers and distributors face unique pricing challenges due to the industry’s complex supply and demand dynamics. Rising food prices, supply chain and labor shortages, increasing market volatility, and fierce competition ultimately impact your bottom line. The AI-powered PROS Platform is comprised of AI-powered Pricing and Quoting solutions.

With PROS Smart Price Optimization and Management food companies can optimize price changes to drive top-line revenue while simultaneously protecting margin. With PROS Smart POM you can:

  • Optimize and personalize prices
  • Simplify your governance
  • Eliminate channel conflict
  • Price according to market realities
  • Predict the financial impact of ROI

With PROS Smart Configure Price Quote delivers both the breadth of technology and the depth of industry experience in transforming the end-to-end sales process to meet the complex demands of food companies selling in the digital economy. With PROS Smart CPQ you can:

  • Improve your customers’ digital experience
  • Automate creation, analysis, and management
  • Automate the quoting process
  • Solve for churn and "white space"
  • Streamlined sales agreements

The PROS Platform is helping the world’s most successful food and consumables companies be more profitable. To learn more visit

About the Author

Andrea Hern, Industry Solutions Marketing Specialist at PROS, leads the go-to-market strategy for the food and consumables industry. Andrea is passionate about making data driven decisions, telling compelling stories, and simplifying complex ideas.

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