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Rethinking Pricing, Revenue & Profits in the Transportation and Logistics Industry

Industry Brief: Rethinking Pricing, Revenue & Profits in Transportation & Logistics provides an overview of the state of the industry and introduces a framework guaranteed to drive ultimate growth.

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Executive Summary 

According to Forrester, U.S. B2B eCommerce will hit $1.8 trillion by 2023. With its continued growth rate, it is changing the business model of T&L companies - from optimally delivering to big box stores to optimally delivering to the last mile.

These changes, and the need to respond to them, are what lies at the heart of the digital transformation imperative. Without data science, air cargo carriers, ocean freight operators, freight forwarders, trucking companies, inter-modal suppliers, and all other T&L players are looking for ways to digitally transform. Digital transformation – the unlocking of the power of digital technology to make business more reactive to customer needs, more agile in response to market changes, and able to deliver a superior customer experience – is now a top priority for T&L companies. The problem is: Where to focus? 

The purpose of digital transformation is to ultimately enable the T&L business to improve customer experience and build competitive advantage. Yet many digital transformation projects fail to do just that – or fail to deliver the level of business change needed to satisfy board, executive committee, and customers alike. In many cases this is the result of a lack of clarity and alignment on what processes to apply digital transformation to, and lack of measurable impact, leaving the business no better able to serve its customers even after long and expensive projects. 

This paper explores these challenges and proposes a framework of how T&L companies can successfully digitally transform their end-to-end sales process using AI-powered insight to build value-based customer relationships by delivering instant, personalized offers with personalized prices, providing a frictionless online and off-line buying experience. 

Top 10 Things You Will Learn in This Industry Brief  

  1. How Amazon is impacting the Transportation and Logistics Industry. 
  2. How eCommerce is changing the Transportation and Logistics Industry
  3. Why speed is everything.  
  4. Why it is important to take care of the margin leaks on the payables side.  
  5. What the smart investment is for Transportation and Logistics companies.  
  6. How Transportation and Logistics companies get back into the game. 
  7. What the new rules of the game are.  
  8. Why the game changers are Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.  
  9. How to transform the end-to-end sales process.  
  10. How air cargo carriers, truck load companies, less than truck load companies, intermodal carriers, railroad companies, and 3PLs are leveraging AI to drive growth and profitability. 
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