Transforming Manufacturing Sales

The Executive Brief for Manufacturing provides a quick overview of how manufacturers are leveraging AI-based, dynamic insight, pricing, and selling solutions to achieve growth, maximize revenue and profitability.

Take Manufacturing Beyond Digital Transformation

In today’s marketplace, buyers care about more than just the products they buy. They are looking for a seamless customer experience. To stay a step ahead of their competitors, manufacturers must provide buyers with the right offering, at the optimal price, at the right time, via a personalized and consistent experience across all channels. To deliver that superior buying experience, manufacturers are harnessing the power of digital transformation—unlocking the capabilities of artificial intelligence to make their businesses more proactive to customer needs, more agile in response to market changes, and better equipped to compete.

Top 5 Goals for Modern Manufacturing in this Brief

  1. Drive bigger deals: Find new ways to drive more and larger orders by making price breaks more attractive.
  2. Remove barriers to ordering: Take friction out of the sales journey and you’ll find that customers across channels will buy more and faster.
  3. Quote faster: Make the sales process more efficient and automated to speed quote-to-cash.
  4. Take error out of the equation: Minimize human error in orders, rebates, sales agreements, and renewals to improve profitability.
  5. Answer questions before they’re asked: Your competitors are adjusting their practices and pricing on the fly. You need to be ahead of them

Additionally, Learn How PROS Enables Manufacturers to…

Move with the market, reduce manual overrides, eliminate white space, win with optimized pricing, empower sales with pricing guidance, improve pricing processes, streamline complex configurations, deliver quotes faster, and reduce error rates.

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