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Growth & Profitability in Transportation & Logistics

The Executive Guide provides a quick overview of how to leverage AI-based, dynamic insight, pricing, selling and revenue management solutions for ultimate growth and profitability.

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Disruption in the Transportation & Logistics Industry 

Industries like the Transportation and Logistics (T&L) industry have seen business disrupted by tech-savvy players such as asset-light 3PLs, who use digital selling channels and data science to provide a superior buying experience for shippers and consignees.  

Now, T&L buyers expect to configure what they want quickly, get the price instantly and place the order in seconds with no hassle. 


In This Executive Guide, You Will Learn These Top 5 Insights:  

  1. How to remain profitable and generate growth. 
  2. Why building value-based customer relationships is essential. 
  3. How to transform the end-to-end sales processes with AI.  
  4. How to accelerate customer quoting and bookings.  
  5. How to achieve an average 1-3% impact on price, 2-5% impact on win rate and 20-40% impact on productivity.  
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