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Accelerate Your eCommerce Revenue with PROS

PROS solutions integrate into e-commerce environments, enabling you to deliver fast and personalized experiences to your digital buyers. With PROS, you'll empower your self-service buyers to take actions such as find the right products, configure your most complex offerings, and get AI-based recommendations along the buying journey. Best of all, PROS enables you to deliver dynamically calculated prices in real time for specific selling scenarios so your buyers can purchase online. 

PROS solutions integrate into eCommerce platforms such as Adobe Magento, SAP Commerce Cloud, and Salesforce B2B Commerce via APIs. In this demo, you’ll see how PROS enables you to enhance the buying experience through your eCommerce site by enabling buyers to:

  • Easily configure your most complex products and services with no chance for errors
  • Get personalized recommendations that are tailored specifically to them along their buying journey
  • Find the right products through your catalog

In addition to enabling buyers to find or configure solutions that meet their needs, you’ll be able to deliver prices for each of their selections in real time. This can be pre-negotiated prices for existing customers or dynamically calculated prices that take into account the latest market conditions. With PROS, you can do this fast without getting bogged down by the challenges of existing ERP applications.