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The Quoting Conundrum: Balancing Speed and Accuracy with AI-powered Quoting

In today’s environment customers place a premium on speed and efficiency, so much so that 50% of customers are more likely to choose the vendor that responds to them first. In a world where speed is now the most valuable currency, how can you ensure that speed and responsiveness are your competitive advantage?

Managing complex product configurations and streamlining the sales process can be daunting. Whether you’re dealing with thousands of SKUs to choose from or complicated product builds- take the guesswork out of your quote to cash process with an AI-powered quoting solution.

Watch this webinar for a discussion about:

  • Agile Configurations and Streamlined Quoting: So you can tackle complex configurations simplicity and ease, giving your team time back so they no longer spend hours in meetings or scrolling through limitless Excel sheets to get a quote out the door.
  • Sales Empowerment: Tools and techniques to empower your sales force with enhanced accuracy in quoting, along with intuitive approval and configuration workflows for streamlined operations.

About the Speakers

Jorge Garza, is a seasoned Strategic Consultant at PROS, specializing in CPQ, pricing, and revenue optimization solutions. With over seven years in the field, he has empowered businesses to enhance their sales processes, optimize pricing strategies, and accelerate deal closures through data-driven insights and advanced CPQ technologies. Jorge's work helps companies of all sizes achieve superior performance by establishing efficient, accurate quoting mechanisms that drive profitability.

Jerome Cahuzac, is a Principal Smart CPQ at PROS, bringing over 25 years of CPQ expertise to support the sales, alliances, and marketing teams. He plays a crucial role in shaping future CPQ products and integrations, drawing on his extensive background, including a significant tenure at Cameleon Software in Toulouse, France, where he transformed a CPQ solution into a modern cloud service. Relocating to Chicago in 2007, Jerome has successfully led the delivery of over 20 CPQ implementations across the Americas and ANZ, showcasing his leadership in professional services. As a resident of suburban Chicago, Jerome enjoys a personal life enriched with family, high-performance driving, golf, and volunteer work with the Sports Car Club of America.

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