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How to Maximize The Potential of Omnichannel Commerce

Today’s business customers are expecting more and more from companies beyond just product quality to also include customer experience. And a large part of customer experience is providing a compelling product offering in a way that is fast, consistent, easy, and transparent, and that offers realistic prices to make the ordering process an efficient, hassle free one. That’s a lot to ask at the end of a global pandemic. The good news is that smart technology solutions exist that can help.

Futurum Research’s Founding Partner and Lead Analyst Shelly Kramer talks with John Bruno, VP, Commerce Strategy at PROS to explore the state of B2B omnichannel commerce and the complexities of pricing strategies. Shelly also discusses findings from the recently released research report, “How AI Price Optimization Can Play a Significant Role in Both Business Growth and Customer Experience,” including the value that the PROS Platform can bring to the enterprise.

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