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The Existence of a Positive-Sum Game Among Airlines

PROS' Michael Wu summarizes COVID Task Force work and brings a call to action.

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Contrary to common beliefs, competition and cooperation are not opposites, but co-exist and are inherent to every social structure in cultures around the world. But what about the highly competitive airline industry: Can we innovate and grow the pie so everyone gets more pie?

Under normal circumstances, this would never happen. However, despite the detrimental impact of COVID-19, it provided an opportunity to potentially measure the benefit and value of a large-scale collaboration to enable forecasting business recovery and resetting to the new normal.

In this whitepaper, Michael Wu, Chief AI Strategist at PROS, summarizes the work of the COVID Task Force (CTF) that began in March 2020, in which roughly two dozen global airlines were participants.

Read the paper to learn:

  • The science behind this historic collaboration with our airline partners that is truly unprecedented
  • The 2 major deliverables—the forecasted global demand recovery pattern and the recommended tuning parameters for each participant
  • The tangible, quantifiable performance metrics when airlines cooperate
  • And, perhaps best of all, that when airlines share their data with one another, they all benefit