Damian Olthoff is Ready for What’s Next

Billy Yost,

Damian Olthoff helps PROS expand by investing in forward-thinking initiatives and getting into the weeds of the tech that can augment the success of his team and customers

Midwestern roots still run deep in Damian Olthoff. The nine-year general counsel at cloud-based software company PROS is quick to laugh. And despite his company’s being responsible for the real-time intelligence and analytics that power more than two billion airline tickets sold per year flow seamlessly, Olthoff still regards himself as a relative digital dilettante whose early interest in coding hasn’t kept up with the digital revolution of the past few decades.

But it’s when he talks about what his PROS legal team has offered the rest of its organization—not just in counsel, but in digital initiatives to make an already tech-centered company even more agile—that one gets the sense Olthoff is downplaying his own abilities. The GC’s inherent interest in the future of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning puts him in a league of his own when it comes to future-forward general counsel, and PROS is all the better for it.

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