MarTech Interview with Katrina Klier, Chief Marketing Officer at PROS

Paroma Sen,

What does it take to simplify the end user shopping and customer experience in today’s business environment? Katrina Klier, Chief Marketing Officer at PROS weighs in with a few observations and tips:

Tell us a little about yourself Katrina…you’ve just recently taken on your role as CMO at PROS: a few thoughts on this change?
I’m excited to be joining PROS at a time when nearly every company is seeking to remain agile and resilient, especially after COVID. Companies are pivoting to a digital-first approach to selling as buyer’s preferences are rapidly moving towards digital channels. Companies are accelerating their digital transformation efforts by leveraging AI-based solutions to deliver more personalized and tailored offers to buyers in this omni-channel commerce world. I was drawn to PROS because I love the platform solution that PROS provides and the company’s vision of optimizing every shopping and selling experience. While I’m still relatively new to the company, my role at PROS will focus on aligning global marketing strategy and programs with corporate priorities. I look forward to bringing my experience in high-tech, spanning software and professional service organizations, to drive PROS marketing strategy and help scale the business.

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