APIs delivering on-demand prices & information

Deploy real-time prices and offers across your digital marketing channels.

Place airWire APIs in any digital marketing end point

airWire comes with pre-built APIs designed for each type of digital marketing channel. This makes it easy for marketers to select the API they need for the channel they are targeting. Customizable APIs can be created using airWire+.

Include real-time prices in paid search

airWire for Search enables real-time prices to be in the text of paid search ads. When a user enters a search query for your keywords, your ad will ensure your best real-time prices are visible.

airWire for Search supports multi-channel integration with Google, Bing, and Search Ads 360.


Provides real-time prices and information for all routes, destinations, and events in paid search ads.
Integrates with airSEM to enable marketing teams to create, launch, and manage ads that can include real-time prices, increasing click-through and conversion rates.
Using airTRFX landing pages and airModules will improve the conversion rate and quality score.
 Unlimited consumption of pricing data at a fixed fee – no surprises.

Add real-time prices to social media campaigns

airWire for Social Media enables real-time prices to be added to Facebook and Instagram campaigns. Target customers with the lowest prices available for their location, and link to pages where users can find the same real-time prices to book. Facebook’s targeting capabilities and airWire’s flexible configurations will help you strategically target customers across social media platforms.

Display real-time prices and content on pages of your choice

airWire powers external price delivery for digital ads, enabling airlines to add their lowest real-time prices to banners across different placements to targeted audiences. Link your best real-time prices and content to airTRFX pages where visitors will see the same real-time prices available and be able to initiate a flight search, hotel room search, or ticket purchase. Multi-Channel integration with Google ads, DV360, and Criteo is built in.

Why Choose airWire?


Multi-language support.

Redemption Units

Multiple redemption units support expanding the target audience. Miles | Points | Cash.

Travel Class

Travel class filter support for easier fare comparison. Economy | Business | First.

Filtering Capabilities

Allows filtering by Origin & Destination Locations, Departure Date, and Budget.

URL Parameters

Tailor experience by adding personalized filters via the URL.

Multiple Travel Classes

Collect data for Multiple Travel Classes when enabled.

Route Customization

Select your own set of specific routes.

Date Customization

Select specific dates that make sense for your configuration.

Currency Customization

Select your currency for each set of routes.

Output Customization

The ability to customize the output (response) of the request, format and properties.

Easy Integration

Fast Implementation

USDOT Compliant

GDPR Compliant

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