The Impact ‘Stay At Home’ Could Have on How B2B Companies Sell Moving Forward

Geoff Webb,

When Charles Dickens wrote, “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times,” it’s easy to forget that the times he was writing about were, even for him, some 70 years in the past. It is questionable if anyone in 1779 would consider the bloody aftermath of the French Revolution “the best of times.” Yet it set in stone a series of (sometimes painful) shifts that changed Europe and then the world.

The COVID-19 outbreak is, at its heart, a deeply human tragedy, and it is, for many, the very worst of times. But it is equally true to say that looking back in 70 years’ time, we will likely see this as the moment that B2B selling changed forever. Because that’s what’s happening, and like it or not, businesses must begin to change today if they want to see the best of times again.

Every industry is affected, from airlines to hospitality to heavy equipment manufacturing, and even those that are seeing a surge (e.g., transport and logistics, medical device manufacturing and grocery retail) must navigate daily complexities in supply and demand that shift with bewildering speed.

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