What’s Working in B2B Social Media Marketing?

Dom Nicastro,

Invest Energies into Video

YouTube is another network of focus for B2B marketers, according to Vivianne Costa, director of digital marketing at PROS, an ecommerce platform. Not only is there a growing demand for video based tailored B2B content, but YouTube’s hidden value lies in its search engine and the real estate for video results on Google SERP (search engine results pages).

Seeing Success Through ABM
Costa said an integrated multichannel strategy is crucial for a successful B2B buyer journey that drives both brand awareness and meets demand KPIs. Her teams have seen success leveraging social media networks both for earned and paid placements. PROS’ ABM (Account-Based Marketing) program generated 46% of lifted target accounts (target accounts with higher website engagement) in 2020 through this multichannel approach.

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